Posted by: dolan | May 17, 2003

Cleaning the Closets

Today I cleaned out our bedroom closet in search of my old Polar heart rate monitor, which Renee wanted to try. Eventually I found it after unearthing junk untouched since our honeymoon. It kinda worked, but the batteries probably need to be changed.

In the process of preparing the closet for cleaning, we’ve managed to put together bagfuls of clothing we no longer want. Turns out, by this weekend the pile of unwanted clothing had grown to two full Ikea shopping bags (and we all know how big those are) or approximately 50lbs or so.

This proved a perfect test of our new bike panniers. I stuffed about 2/3 of it in the panniers’ main compartments. With some creativity I could probably have fit it all, but it was approaching 5 and the Goodwill store was going to close. Which is where we were headed, after all, to drop all this clothing. Riding the bikes with that much weight was definitely an experience to be reckoned with, but we both soon adjusted, and before we knew it we were at the store on Haight St. Renee ran in and emptied the panniers to the surprise of a surly clerk while I watched the bikes.

Well have to get the next batch of stuff ready. Now that we know where to take it, the apartment will be getting a lot less cluttered 🙂


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