Posted by: dolan | June 9, 2003

Ah, the joys of coming home

Just have to post this quick rant because it annoys me greatly. Renee and I came back from a fantastic vactaion and, wiped out, went to bed early last night after a seemingly endless day of flying. Dealing with US customs was awful, but I’ll leave that for the time being. What annoys me so much is that someone decided, in our absence, to steal the engine computer from our car. Again. So now I have to deal with this on top of all the other stuff you have to deal with after a vacation, and pay a $500 deductible. All so some little rice boy (and this is not intended as a racial slur … see here) can hotrod his Civic at the expense of ours. What irks me even more is that I bet that, even though this happens quite frequently according to everyone I talked to the last time, nobody will have the damn thing in stock when it comes to getting a new one. I really hope that this time I’m pleasantly surprised.

Update – June 13

I got the car back in record time. Amazingly enough, they had an ECU in stock. Maybe someone got wise to the fact that these things are getting ripped off left and right… Should I get an alarm? Either that or i’m gonna bolt the damn thing down somehow, using some obscure bolt head (or maybe a combination — an Allen for one and a Torx for another?)…


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