Posted by: dolan | June 24, 2003

Cache Creek

Renee and I got our summer rafting trip in. Last time we went with a company called All-Outdoors down the middle fork of the American river (class 3-4). This time we chose Whitewater Adventures and rafted down Cache Creek (class 2-3). The main reason was price: the WWA trip was roughly half the cost of the AO trip. And, as a general rule in life, you get what you pay for.

The WWA group was about 4x the size, and hosted characters in it that came straight from Springer and/or Deliverance. Someone in the company also made the dubious choice of serving margaritas to the main group but also hosting the “Cache Creek Group”: a collection of AA members who float down the creek each year. Things didn’t get too out of hand, but at times the tension was rather visible between those who wanted to party and those who desperately were trying to refraing from it. Finally, the food was repeatedly called “excellent”, but i’m guessing those who made those statements are judging it against the likes of McDonalds. A really large baked potato and gristly steak do not an excellent meal make.

With all my whining, don’t let me lead you to think we didn’t enjoy oursleves, as for the most part it was a lot of fun. We met a really cool Irish couple named Kieran and Kate, we had a great time splashing down the river in our two man kayak/raft and wrapping around rocks along the way, and the food, while certainly not excellent, tasted alright at the end of a long day.

In hindsight, I think next time we’ll pay a little more or look for a company located a little farther from the Bay Area, but for this year’s rafting trip, it was pretty damn fun.


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