Posted by: dolan | July 14, 2003

IKEA Needs Sidewalks

We made a quick run to IKEA this weekend for items such as a shower curtain and salad tongs. Yes, our life has become that domestic.

What really irked me is that generally, IKEA is pretty well thought out. Their stuff, their prices, their displays. So then, where are the sidewalks? Basically, in the parking lots, cars and people mix. Except they don’t really, because they pretty much never do.

The drivers get irate because people are bumbling around with shopping carts, blocking their path. The pedestrians (which become the drivers in a few minutes, or just ceased being drivers) get annoyed by the irate drivers. It all sucks.

But wait, there’s a solution to the problem: sidewalks! Who would have guessed? Hell, even some painted stripes on the side of the road would help. So, Swedes, get to it. Bring some order to your house!


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