Posted by: dolan | July 17, 2003

Some People Should Just Be Slapped

This morning Renee and I left our apartment at around 7am, with the goal of getting to Cisco around 8. It takes Renee about 45 minutes to ride her bike to SJSU from Cisco, so she is on time for her 9am class. Simple equation, right?

Yesterday this equation was compounded by an accident on the 101, so she was a few minutes late for class. On top of that, if was the first time she rode this route, and the first time along a route always takes a little longer.

Today was a different story. We left a few minutes earlier, and 101 traffic was fine coming up on San Carlos, where the carpool lane starts. However, traffic near the carpool lane entrance got really heavy. Finally, at 7:45 we got to the carpool lane and got a good pace going. I predicted that we’d get to Cisco around 8am, which would be about right given the distance and our pace.

About 2 minutes in, two ladies in a beige Corolla pull into the carpool lane as i’m barrelling down on them. However, they don’t speed up. In fact, every time the traffic slows down, this lady slows down, so we end up averaging around 40mph, completely obviating the whole point of the carpool lane. The traffic starts backing up behind me. I flash my high beams at her several times, but she refuses to get over — out of spite or of fear i’m still not sure which. What makes it all the more maddening is that because she’s pacing traffic, it’s impossible to even pass her on the right, which i’m loathe to do, but started to not seem like a bad idea.

When I got to the 237 exit she finally decided to pull over (maybe it was the person *behind me* in the black Jetta who pulled kind of a crazy stunt passing both of us on the right with a few inches to spare that finally made her do it), but by that time I had to pull off for the 237 anyways. It was already 8am, and I still had 10 miles or so to go, a distance which I should have already covered. As i passed her she was laughing and chatting to her carpool-mate.

Did it amuse her that she pissed off pretty much everyone in the carpool lane (and at one point there were about 20 cars behind me)? Was she nervous? I’ll probably never know, but of one thing I’m sure — that lady needs to be slapped, and hard. If I see her on the way home I’ll be sure to remember to give her the one finger salute. Because of her I had to drive about 10 minutes out of my way so that Renee wouldn’t be late for her class, and she kind of ruined my mood for the morning, not to mention making everyone else in the carpool lane later than they would have expected, all for a goal that I can’t quite fathom, or worse, maybe for just no particular reason than her own selfishness or self-righteousness.


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