Posted by: dolan | July 28, 2003

Mosquito Weekend

At around 4pm on Friday, Renee and I jumped into the trusty Civic (130k miles and counting) and drove on up to Jamestown, our first stop on the way to Yosemite NP. The traffic through Dublin, Livermore, and Tracy was horrendous. I guess a lot of people live out there, and it makes me want to find a way to Yosemite that avoids that section of freeway. Our usual Jamestown lodging was disappointing, but at least dinner (I had shrimp enchiladas) was tasty.

Early the next morning we headed up to the park and got a bear canister and a backcountry pass. By 11am we were on the trail, heading by May lake on the way to Polly Dome Lake. We ran into a couple (hiya Jake and Carrie) who sort of followed/guided us to the lake through the backcountry. The water level had dropped quite a bit — we almost didn’t recognize it as the right lake — and the mosquitos were out in force. Renee and I were swarmed, and after a quick swim, stayed in the tent as much as possible, where we could trap and kill our attackers. To add to the interest, a thunderstorm flashed lightning and dropped rain much of the night. Lucklily we managed to keep most of our stuff (and ourselves) dry.

Sunday we slogged back up to May Lake. Boy, was I happy to see the car at the end of the trail; my feet were burning and my back was aching. Anyways, at least I got some good photos! 🙂


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