Posted by: dolan | September 26, 2003

Yay for Tasty Curry

Last night we arrived home tired after a long day to find a refrigerator depleted of any basic ingredients. In an attempt to avoid a dinner of condiments, we walked down to “Tasty Curry”, a new hole in the wall occupying a space on 9th and Judah that has seen three or four previous restaurants come and go in a very short period.

I’m happy to say that I think Tasty Curry (despite the hokey name) has what it takes to hold out for a while. First of all, the food is good — about on par with Naan and Curry down the street. Also, the prices are good — again, similar, or maybe a little less, than its better-known neighbor. What sets it apart is that the portions are about 50% larger than you-know-who, and since it’s a true dive with very little atmosphere (unless you consider large ceiling vents left over from the previous tenant as atmosphere), the place is pretty quiet, which means you don’t have to wait to be seated or to eat.

There are downsides, like the decor, and the greeter/waiter (who Renee found endearing and I found annoying) who constantly follows everything he says with “…, my friend!”. That said, Tasty Curry, clip art logo and all, is well worth a visit.



  1. That’s Shahid Paracha you’re talking about! He owns the place, and he’s not faking it, he’s quite a character.

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