Posted by: dolan | October 8, 2003

The People Have Spoken

… and what they said was incredibly stupid. Today i’m ashamed to say i’m a Californian. If I didn’t like this state so much i’d consider moving to Canada or somewhere where more rational heads prevail. Did we really elect a “governator”? Did anyone actually watch Arnold make an ass of himself at the debate, or for that matter, care?

For all of our sakes, I hope he makes either a really good governor and does well by the state (unlikely, but hey, anything can happen), or a really bad one (so he is voted out by a landslide at the end of his term). Whichever the case, it’s interesting to know that for whatever reason, people here chose to vote against their own interests once more. A few more choices like these, and we might well achieve the third world status we seem to long for.



  1. I am a bit skechy on Arnold myself, but there is one thing about Arnold that makes me think he might just be able to pull it off. The guy is a winner. All of his life he has always been successfull at everything. The guy is just one of those people who always comes out on top, but i guess there is always a first time for everything and maybe failure has Arnold’s number this time. For our sakes i hope not!

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