Posted by: dolan | October 28, 2003

If You Couldn’t See Us Recently…

.. it’s because our DNS host had a problem. Things seem to be back on line now, but there are occasional outages. If it happens in the future that accessing gives you a 404, try again later. We’re still here 🙂



  1. you getting 10.3?
    Sorry to hear about the hack.

  2. Do you ever check your site? 🙂

  3. Yeah, i check it on occasion 🙂

    Haven’t gotten around to getting 10.3 yet… though I think I can get it at a discount. I’m a little worried it’s gonna mess up a bunch of things at the unix level, but it’s probably worth upgrading in the long run.

    The hackers haven’t been back. However, I don’t really expect them to be considering I banned anyone with a .br domain from hitting Apache. A bit drastic perhaps, but it was quick and easy.

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