Posted by: dolan | November 4, 2003

Airlines Suck

Airlines blow hard. There, I said it, though I think I would find few who disagree. I almost yearn for the days of higher, more consistent prices, rather than playing whack-a-mole with non-existent seating on sites like Orbitz. I just booked two flights from Oakland to Mexico City, one for Renee and one for myself. I booked Renee’s flight at about $200 less than mine. For absolutely no reason that I could tell. The flight wasn’t full. They both come back and leave on the same days of the week (Renee is staying a week longer). The seats are within viewing distance of eachother. It’s just that when I went to book my flight, the availability had suddenly gone to zero. I just bit the bullet, contrary to my nature, after a rather inneffectual plea phone call to Orbitz where I asked “What happened to the price?”. They told me to call American ;).

Someone once told me that predicting airfares approaches the difficulty of predicting the weather. I believe them, and I give the one finger salute to those who determined that I should pay a whole lot more for no real reason.


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