Posted by: dolan | November 25, 2003

Car Talk

A friend sent me this link which sums up a lot of my feelings about SUVs. Namely, why the’re a moronic choice of vehicle for most of the people who buy them.

The other day I came to a conclusion that perhaps many have reached before: that the “outdoor” and “rugged” chic of the 90s was possibly the worst thing ever for the green movement. Here’s my rationale: hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, backpacking, all became “cool” in the early 90s. Adverstisers picked up on it, and now much marketing towards twenty and thirty-somethings uses that imagery (think Subaru ad or virtually any sports drink). The general population wanted followed the trend. Car manufacturers picked up on the trend and realized that by slapping a few extra seats and a roof on their pickups, they could charge a lot more and sell SUVs to the general population. People buy the SUVs in droves. Gas mileage average decreases, emissions increase dramatically, fatalities increase. National parks look like football stadiums. Great.

I think our next car might be a VW TDI. For more reading, have a look here.


  1. Hi, sweets – before you buy a new car, would you please spare a moment to write or call your mother? Haven’t heard from you for a while and hope all is well.

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