Posted by: dolan | January 6, 2004

Wiki, Meet Travel Guide

An idea has come to me several times while travelling. I described it to Renee and Ashle while down in Mexico a few days ago; a online travel guide editable by everyone. I also remember saying it had probably been done, and probably used the Wiki system (like Wikipedia). And so when i got back I did some searching. Lo and behold, there it was, floating in the either.

I’ve already posted a little bit to Wikitravel and intend to post a whole lot more. I heartily recommend anyone with an interest or knowledge of foreign locations to do the same. Good as Lonely Planet, Let’s Go, etc. are, they are only updated once a year and contain errors. They only contain the knowledge and perspective of a handful of authors with limited time and scope. A large, free, continuously updated guidebook is in everyone’s interest, except perhaps a few publishers. A little prediction: in 10 years, Wikitravel or something like it will be the Google of travel guides — the thing people turn to first (on their PDAs?) — instead of the dead tree with the (formerly) yellow cover. Plunge forward…



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