Posted by: dolan | July 12, 2004

Running on Empty

Just to let you all know, Renee and I ran 21 miles this weekend. We ran around San Francisco, literally. Somehow we both found the energy to keep running when it seemed like somehow the energy shouldn’t have been there. The rest of this weekend involved a lot of napping, lying around, and feeling sore…

The marathon is only three weeks away. If anyone wants to come and cheer us on, we’d appreciate the support. The details are here: We’ll be the ones at the back of the pack đŸ™‚



  1. Three weeks away! that’s just around the corner! I am confident that the 2 of you will kick ass. If you can make it past the 20 mile mark everything else is cake. (because by now you cant feel your body…hahahah) Maybe after you guys do this run you can join me in the Malibu half or full Marathon in December.

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