Posted by: dolan | August 2, 2004

The 26th mile

The 26th mile was a really hard one to run. So was the 25th, the 24th, the 23rd… well, you get it. Pretty much everything after 20 was tough. But we made it! And it only took us 5 1/2 hours 🙂 We met a guy from Illinois as we were parking our car at 5am (amazing to be able to park that easily in the financial district), and he gave us some good words of advice. “He said, don’t worry about speed. Today you’re going to set your personal best.” We took that to heart and concentrated on finishing.

About halfway through the race we say a very lithe African guy come flying past. It was like that sensation of being on the freeway and watching a guy pass you at 100mph+. His number read “1”. I believe it.

At the end they gave us a huge, heavy medal, and metallic plasticky blankets. I don’t think we were really in a state of mind to think much about anything else than the fact that we could finally stop running.

Ashle came out to cheer us on, and ran the last two miles with us, and it really made a huge difference. She also took some pictures, got us burritos after the race, and went on a shopping run for pizza fixings. Thanks so much Ashle — we literally couldn’t have run the whole thing had you not been there.

Also, we have to thank everyone at SF Fit for all their hard work and words of encouragement. They made the training seem sane, and kept us motivated when motivation was a rare commodity.

Finally, thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement. We really appreciate them. You can run the next one with us! (that might be a long while coming) . And if you see us limping around this coming week, you know why…



  1. Congradulations Renee and Dolan! You guys did it! Now its my turn. Hopefully I can follow in your footsteps and finish my first marathon. That guy you talked to early that day was definitely right. Run to finish. Sorry i couldnt have been there to cheer your guys on, trust me the both of you were in my thoughts that whole day. Once i finish the LA Marathon Next year we can talk about the IRONMAN in Hawaii!

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