Posted by: dolan | September 4, 2004

Pix from Yosemite, Finally!

May Lake upside downI finally got the chance to upload some pictures from our trip to Yosemite. We had a fantastic time; we left Friday evening and stayed at the Yosemite Bug Hostel (recommended) in one of their tent cabins. Saturday morning we put our National Parks pass to good use and bypassed the line of cars on the way in. Then we had some brunch in the village, got our backcountry pass for May Lake (no problem, even in August), and drove on up to Toulomne Meadows, where we caught some live music quite by accident. We also saw a natural springs, and chowed down on some backcountry burgers before heading up the trail to our destination. It didn’t take very long to get up there, so once there we hung out, ate some pasta (with singed fingers), and I took a load of pictures (as you can see). The next day we hiked down to a smaller lake and swam a bit, then headed back to SF that afternoon. All in all, the kind of weekend one hopes for when heading to the mountains.


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