Posted by: dolan | October 16, 2004


Sometimes it’s hard to believe what you see.

The headlines show the Cheney family blasting John Kerry for mentioning their daughter (and mentioning that she happens to be gay) during the third presedential debate. Now, it would be almost understandable that they could be outraged that she was mentioned if this was the first time it had happened. Oddly enough, though, nobody seems to be bothering to point out that this outrage is a little bit late, since John Edwards clearly referred to Dick Cheney’s gay daughter (search for “daughter”) during the vice presedential debate. During that session, Cheney looked uncomfortable, but most definitely not outraged.

Damn flip flopper.



  1. Sorry, D & R, no matter how much you appeal to common sense, W (and Dick) is 8 percentage points ahead.


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