Posted by: dolan | November 3, 2004

A Morning of Mourning

The election outcome is really depressing. It’s hard to imagine how such a flat out incompetent and frighteningly misguided administration was re-elected. I think we’re all thankful that this didn’t turn into a 2000 redux with 500 votes seperating the two candidates. It’s just extremely unfortunate that Bush won.

Yesterday a colleague asked me if I was better off now than four years ago. First of all, the question is pretty meaningless as it doesn’t define what “better off” means, but that’s not what bothers me. What bothers me is that the right question to ask is “Is the country better off than it was four years ago?”, and nobody seemed to be asking it yesterday. The undeniable answer is “no”, and yet the offending parties were not held accountable. The definition of crazy is not changing anything and expecting a different result. The reality of the situation is that when the rest of the world thinks we’re crazy, they’re right.



  1. I don’t think you can call them, “incompetent” and “misguided” anymore. They won the election by a large margin, and they know what they are doing. They are pushing the neo-cons agenda (which have aligned themselves with the bible thumper). Just like they did with the soviets, they are instilling fear in the American people of an evil that is not there. They have been very clever at doing this. If anyones is “incompetent” and “misguided” its the American people as they have allowed themselves to be manipulated.

    For what its worth I, as I am sure you would guess, did not vote for Bush (although I did not really like Kerry all that much). I think they are playing with Fire and run the risk of turning the nightmare they have created into reality.

    And no, we (the American people and America) are not better off than four years ago.


  2. The election was not won by a large margin — it was won by 3% of the vote. It is only a large margin if you compare it to 2000, which was the closest election in history. It *is* clear that Bush won – i’m not contesting that – but the country is still fairly evenly split. Bush is still an excellent divider.

    I agree that the neo-con agenda has been well (and religiously) followed, but that’s not to say that it isn’t a misguided agenda. You’ve said as much yourself in your comment.

    By “incompetent” I meant incompetent at running the country, not in electioneering and instilling fear. You’re right, they’re very good at the latter. However, I can name multiple reasons for why I think they’re incompetent at running the country, but I hardly think we need to go through the evidence for that: it’s more than ample.

    I agree that Kerry left a lot to be desired. As was discussed on the Daily Show, if the election were between Kerry and Not Bush, Not Bush would have won. It’s very unfortunate that a better candidate wasn’t chosen, though thinking back to the primaries, it’s not clear who that person would have been.

    Finally, yes the American people are misguided, but I guess the people have chosen. Whatcha gonna do? Move out of the country? 😉

    BTW, there was a great interview this morning on KQED with our mayor Gavin Newsom. Now there’s a politician I actually would *want* to vote for again, having seen him run our city. Ironically enough, I didn’t vote for him originally, but he’s turned out to be a pretty amazing leader. Hindsight is 20/20.

  3. Hmmm, but hten look at the following Guardian Story and the links it contains…

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