Posted by: dolan | November 10, 2004

The Big Blowout

Yikes!Yesterday was a really bad day for our car. On the way to work, the driver’s side front tire blew on the 280 Southbound near Sand Hill Rd. The shoulder at the point it blew was extremely wide, so it took about 15 minutes to put on the compact spare and we were rolling once again.

We drove slowly on the way home, as you’re really not supposed to go very fast on a compact spare. Near Woodside, the freeway started to get bumpy. And it got bumpier, and bumpier, until I realized the tire had blown again. I thought it was the compact spare, so I tried to limp to an exit. However, exits on the 280 are few and far in between, so we didn’t make it that far until I was driving on a fully flat tire. The wheel well was making awful noises, so I pulled over, and had a look. The compact spare was fine, but the passenger’s side tire was lying next the car in the ditch. We had been driving on the rim…. The tire had literally sheared off.

After contacting AAA (which had expired a month back, but luckily has a 90 day grace period, and is now renewed ;)) , we sat about and waited. The truck came in about half an hour, and a friendly tow truck operator took us back home. We ditched the car at the local oil place (hoping they’d be OK with that for one night) and went home, exhausted.

This morning, bright and early, I had the car towed to the tire place.



  1. I thought the tha car breaking down was the single scariest thing — besides the sky falling on my head, of course!

    Driving on the rims sounds frightening too, though.


    Take care!

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