Posted by: dolan | January 4, 2005

XC Skiing On My Day Off

Renee poses for the umpteenth timeThis past weekend we rung in the new year by going skiing up near Lake Tahoe. We stayed at a nice B&B in Grass Valley, then drove up to the slopes the next morning. Unfortunately, it was snowing on the way up and I found out the hard way that the chains that fit the Honda most definitely don’t fit the Mazda. Alas, I had to drive a ways back down the hill to get new chains. When I went to fit the new chains onto the car, I found out they were the wrong size. Angrily I drove back down once again to get yet another pair. The third time was a charm and we finally got up to Royal Gorge …. at 1:15pm. At least we got a decent afternoon ski in. That night we had a fantastic meal at Tofanelli’s.

Sunday was much clearer. It was windy and the powder blew everywhere, but the roads were clear and we got there chainless early enough to get two good sorties before we were exhausted. That was the day I took my camera along, and so all the photos you see are from then. Enjoy!


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