Posted by: dolan | May 26, 2005


A few changes are coming about here on MySQL is up to 4.1, WordPress up to 1.5 (and I’m still searching for a theme i’m really happy with), and Gallery will soon be up to version 2. On top of that, Dualie (the dual 867 G4 PowerMac that this site runs on) got a 1GB memory boost, which helps performance enormously, especially when iPhoto has 25000+ pictures. All in all, this site may be a little more generic than before, but I have less time than ever to devote to it, so hopefully I’ll strike a good balance. Let me know.

Update: Gallery 2 isn’t quite ready for prime time, so for right now i’m sticking with Gallery 1 with some enhancements. I really wish I had the time to write all this in Java :), but i’m slowly getting the hang of PHP. Anyways, all of Renee’s graduation pix are up (look to the right for the link) and soon I’ll post some from our weekend in Big Basin.



  1. Hi guys!

    Cool site. Hooray for the PowerMac. šŸ˜‰

    I only see three grad photos up so far. You said you’ll add others?

  2. Okay now there are more photos, hehe. šŸ˜‰ Thanks! Wow, excellent shots!!!

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