Posted by: dolan | June 7, 2005

See the Pigs a Flyin’

Another Jobsian keynote, another shocker. A lot of us heard the rumors of Apple moving to Intel, but most of us believed that it would be a cold day in hell before it actually happened. A likely explanation was that Apple was in talks with Intel to produce an embedded chipset for one of its music products, or a video or set top product. Well, the pigs are a flyin’ and hell is cold today. Macs on Intel — go figure.

Since apparently anything is possible, i’ll add another far-fetched prognostication. Apple will figure out a way to run native Windows apps quickly and easily on OSX (the fabled “red box” for those of you who remember). They will, in the next couple of years, begin to license OSX to specific hardware vendors (like they do right now with HP and the iPod). In three to four years’ time, if they have achieved 15% market saturation or more with OSX (which I believe is the real goal of this exercise in architecture switching), they will release OSX as a general purpose operating system, to compete in the wilds against Windows ZP, or whatever it will be called. It’s a longshot, but after yesterday’s news, there seem to be no boundaries to the possibilities.

This article discusses another aspect which I’d rather not think about.


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