Posted by: dolan | July 27, 2005

New Old Pix, Coming Right Up

It may seem in the next while that i’m taking pictures in reverse and that time has rewound, but I assure you everything old is simply new again. For my birthday I finally got around to buying a new film scanner, one with Digital ICE (and all its sibling acronyms), and have started to scan photos from the pre-digital era of Velvia and Kodachrome. So, without further ado, let us begin the backwards journey at the end of my slide albums, with our trip to Nova Scotia, circa September 2000.



  1. Man… its about time there was a new entry….hahahaha. Looks like you are going back to the days when we lived in LA and you would sit there and scan for a couple of hours, while Shawn and I smoked cigarrettes.

  2. Yeah, with 4 photos at a time, it takes a while (about 15 mins per batch using ICE at ~6mp, to be specific). Certainly puts in contrast just how quickly you can shoot 200 or so pix using a digital camera vs. how long it takes to scan 200 slides.

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