Posted by: dolan | August 2, 2005

(Half) Marathon Man & Woman

This year we ran the marathon again. Well, at least the first half ;). The start was at 5am, which was no fun, but once going it was quite enjoyable. As it was sponsored by Runner’s World, there were a lot more people and a lot higher production values. The GG bridge was completly fogged in as we ran over it, and the rightmost two lanes were blocked off with a CHP-patrolled buffer lane to boot. Folks were quite talkative along the way and we paced a number of friendly people. Around mile 11 we both felt good, so I convinced Renee we should speed up for the end. The rollercoaster terrain of the Richmond made that a bit tough, but in the end we both finished around 2:27, which was better than I expected.

There was a bit of worry the day before as we spent about six hours walking around Noe Valley and the Mission, and then back to our place, around seven miles total. Our feet hurt and we were sunburnt. Also, our marathon shirts were too small — for once the sizes were what they should be, not oversized as usual. In any case, it all worked out: we felt fine during the run, most of the pain is gone now, and we were able to exchange the shirts later for the correct size. So, maybe 2:20 next year? 🙂


  1. Good Job Guys! I am signed up again for the LA Marathon. I am hoping that i can stay injury free this time and make it to the starting line. I have a buddy of mine who is going to run it with me. It would be nice if I had more friends who would like to do the race too… hint hint….hahahaa.
    Good job once again!

  2. Thanks for the post via, the info has been very helpful.

    Although I don’t know you directly I hope that Cory’s ‘hint’ gets you excited enough to come down to our small town for a little run we like to call the LA Marathon.

    See you at the finish line.

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