Posted by: dolan | August 23, 2005

The Month of Fog-Gust

While everywhere else in the globe it’s a toasty 90 degrees F, here in the hamlet of SF (esp. on the west side) things are chilled, with a creamy fog confection dished over it ever so lovingly by the Pacific. It’s been this way for a month or so. Today I escaped to downtown, where it’s warmer, to work from the satellite office.

Because of this, Renee and I are considering a move to the east side of the city when we get back. Prime candidates are Noe Valley, Bernal Heights, and Potrero Hill. Glen Park seems to be a pretty nice area as well, but as far as I can tell has no grocery store, which is a major setback, considering we live in the city in part so we don’t have to drive to grocery store in the first place. So far Noe is in the lead, and the rents reflect that. We’re betting that will be offset by Renee’s new job at Carnegie.

As many of you know, we’ll be out of the country between Sept 15th and Nov 2nd. Unfortunately, since this website is served from my home machine, will be offline as well (unless someone wants to co-locate it). We’ve been busy preparing all our stuff. On Saturday we packed 13 boxes of books. Next weekend will come the real heavy lifting; we plan to get a storage unit and start populating it early, so we don’t end up going insane the weekend before we leave. It’s rather mind blowing how much stuff one can accumulate in five years. This move should provide the impetus to pare down some.

So, in case you’re wondering what’s become of us, it’s because we have our heads in the fog, and are trying to box up our lives before we leave.

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