Posted by: dolan | September 28, 2005

Back From The Land Up Above

Late last night we got back from not-so-cold-right-about-now Sweden, after a five day trip. It began with a series of short trips between Dordrecht and Uppsala which seemed interminable. Friday I worked (or attempted to) from the Univeristy of Uppsala, while Renee visited Jennifer. Unfortunately, Jennifer and Carles had to go out of town for the weekend, so we spent Saturday being tourists in Uppsala. Sunday we saw Mats and Sofia in Stockholm, and their charming two year old Linn who has now decided that both Renee and I are nice, but that we probably can’t come to the amusement park. Monday we worked from the offices of Cisco Sweden (thanks for all the chocolate balls and coffee!), and Tuesday was spent seeing a bit of Stockholm, including a fantastic museum built around a 17th century boat, and doing the Stockholm-Dordrecht excursion in reverse. Follow the links above for pictures.



  1. Heey!

    Remember to visit us if you by any chance are visiting Denmark on your trip. Actually Birgitte and talked about going to Netherlands next week in our vacation, nothing planned yet though.
    You even went to Delft, I lived there once, such a beautiful city.

    Have a great trip!

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