Posted by: dolan | November 7, 2005

What I Want To Hear

I hope there is some truth to this (copied from Craigslist):

$1100 / 3br – Rental Inventory is Up ~ Don’t Patronize Greedy Landlords
Reply to:
Date: 2005-11-07, 11:42AM PST

Yup, it is true, in many parts of the Bay Area rental inventories are up and rents are down.

Renters: Do your homework, check actual, comparable fair market rates (not CL postings) for the area that you are looking, be sure to negotiate, don’t rent sub par properties, don’t sign long leases and don’t pay too much.

Pass this information to everyone you know and be sure they understasnd that rents are indeed negioiatable. One way to negioiate a lower rent is to ask, “So, how did you come up with this amount?” The landlord will usually mumble something about what the place usually rents for or that’s what rents are going for … Then ask if that price is firm. Ask them if they could justify accepting a lower rent for a quality tennant (sell them the benefits of renting to you — a great preson/family/ etc with great references and credit over a riskier tennant). I did that recently and saved 15% off of the asking rent!

Landlords: Be fair, be reasonable and think the real Golden Rule. And as you flag this posting, know that it will tell of your greed desperation.

* yes — cats are OK – purrr
* yes — dogs are OK – wooof
* this is in or around Negotiate!
* no — it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests



  1. That is a pretty cool posting… It to bad that this individual’s case isn’t more common. I would imagine in San Fran its like a needle in a hay stack.

  2. No, there is plenty of availability. Finding something isn’t a problem. Finding something that is worth the money is another thing altogether.

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