Posted by: dolan | December 12, 2005

Daddy’s Got a Squeezebox

The boxNo, The Who aren’t touring again. As an early christmas present, I got a Slim Devices Squeezebox. This little toy allows me to wirelessly stream music from my computer to my stereo, as well as play internet radio on my stereo (and a bunch of other less important features…) . Finally, I can listen to Sounds Eclectic on real speakers, and no more searching through stacks of CDs to play what I want! Definitely a very cool little gadget.



  1. Ah, I want one, too!

  2. (We finally got a mini sound system last week. Does the job. Nicely, too. It’s a Sony, too.)

  3. Hey that thing looks pretty cool. I am going to have to get one.

  4. Will it play our 78’s?

  5. Squeeze bos also works with PANDORA music search.

  6. whoops bos=box

  7. We had the opportunity to see/listen to Daddy’s Squeezebox during our March visit — I’m wondering if John can hook the system up to a receiver on his “racy” tandem bike. We had a wonderful visit with John, Cally and Stephanie at Gainesville — though much too short a visit; I was particularly pleased that John was able to come to the horseshow and to see my son Alex in dressage competition — it was also a real treat when John and Cally visited with us all at Alex and Tanya’s new home at Ocala. Back to Daddy’s Squeezebox, and your next Christmas gift — checkout the “Olive Musica” …. a wee bit pricey but John is surely worth it and will certainly appreciate it — although he will probably not welcome having to re-load his CD music collection. However he can load all those 78’s, 33’s and 8-tracks he’s been hoarding for decades — one good thing he can free up his computer’s hard-drive and still be able to broadcast throughout the house via the Squeezebox. Looking foward to hearing about John’s “Around Florida by Bike” escapades aboard his ‘state of the art’ tandem.

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