Posted by: dolan | February 26, 2006


A few anecdotal stories on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

First, the Roomba can be used to clean tabletops. It won’t fall off. I was pretty impressed. It came close to falling a few times, but each time it did a little reverse scoot, which was remarkable given the tablecloth was adding extra play to the situation.

Secondly, Roombas like light. A few weeks ago, Renee and I were eating dinner at the aforementioned table while letting the Roomba do its thing around the house. The Roomba was cleaning the living room, and had migrated towards the hallway. All of a sudden we heard three or four loud thumps and floowed by a loud crash. The Roomba had driven staight off the edge of the stairs, bounced about ten feet, and landed in our shoeracks. Of course, this didn’t seem to faze it much, though it (wisely) stopped attempting to clean anything and gave its unhappy sound. Turns out, I hadn’t counted on the Roomba’s edge sensor needing light to function (which, when one thinks about it, seems obvious) and it had drivven off a cliff so to speak. Good thing i’m not competing in the Grand Challenge 🙂



  1. I need a Roomba.


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