Posted by: dolan | January 27, 2007

Attack of the Micro Cars

A BMW Isetta

While browsing around the other day I found what I thought was a site devoted to micro cars. Turns out, the site is detailing the collection of a full, brick and mortar museum devoted to the diminutive runabouts. It’s kind of fascinating, as outside of the Messerschmitt and Isetta and a few other oddballs, I never realized there were so many of these things made outside of Japan. These are cars that make a modern Mini look like a monster, and could double as the hood ornament of an Excursion. One wonders, however, how cool of a Velocar one could make with modern technology. Perhaps this is the perfect next project, after I learn how to weld…


  1. that’s a nice classic BMW
    thank you for that
    world’s best modified bmw pictures

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