Posted by: dolan | January 31, 2007

The Beginnings of Crawl

I don’t have the footage up yet, but yesterday Renee shot a short clip of Lucas making his best attempt yet at crawling. Yes, you read that right: our boy is sidewardly mobile. The implications of this are quite large, and we’re realizing them almost by the moment, keeping our eyes open for what he will attempt to grab next. Virtually everything in the apartment suddenly seems like pure tempation to him, and a potential disaster to us. He hasn’t gone very far yet, and this is more of a commando-crawl than a full fledged toddler shuffle, but give it time. I’ll try to get the proof up tomorrow 🙂

Update (Feb 1, 2007): Here is the video:



  1. I’m impressed! Nothing will be safe from now on….

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