Posted by: dolan | February 5, 2007


Could someone please explain to me why so many new parents here in SF feel compelled to buy $600 Bugaboo strollers? I mean, they’re cool and all. They’re modular, trendy, the fabrics are pretty, but folks, it’s just a stroller! I’d bet good money that the vast majority of these strollers are purchased before the child is born, because once you have a kid you tend to realize that a $600 stroller is not six times better than a $100 stroller, which works perfectly well.

When we bought our BOB Revolution (a $350 stroller that I’d highly recommend), I kind of felt like it was a bit overkill. However, we were in Hawaii, and hadn’t had the foresight to bring a stroller, so we needed something. A shop there had a nice bright orange Revolution sitting there, and we were going to take it on the beach, trails, etc (we’ve since taken it over mud, snow, ice), so it seemed like the right purchase. Since then we’ve been highly impressed by it, using it as our normal stroller as our running stroller — it performs both functions admirably.

So, with that said, what makes the Bugaboo so fantastic folks? Or is it, as I suspect, a very good stroller which is hyped beyond belief to justify the pricetag? Is it basically a fashion accessory — the BMW X5 of infant world? Seems to be it is (especially since I’m now seeing knockoffs by other stroller companies). Please feel free to correct me, so I don’t mentally mock you for spending cash that would have otherwise bought a lot of other useful things for your kid.



  1. Because Jon Stewart (and everyone else in Manhattan) has one.

    Stroller Parking

    The financial planner in me would also note that the $600 you spend now would be worth $2,397 at age 18 (assuming 8% average annual return), that’s more than my first car cost. 😉


  2. [Looking upward, hands clenched as fists in the air]. “Jon!!!!!” (rhymes with “Khan” ;).

    I should have figured this started with a celebrity. It’s like the kiddie equivalent of those idiots driving around in beat up cars on $10000 worth of 22″ rims and tires that barely fit in the wheelwells. Don’t even get me started on that.

    For what it’s worth, my first car was $400 (though I subsequently put another several thousand into it over the years).

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