Posted by: dolan | February 6, 2007


Often when I mention that we should, as a nation and a state, be committing more resources towards alternative energy, people are very skeptical. I suppose I can understand that from the standpoint of people crying wolf throughout the 70s and 80s, promising new technologies that would save the world. But when you think about it, what’s the alternative: keep digging up the world for more coal, oil, and other combustible fuel and slowly choke and heat ourselves to death?

The reality is (and smart money seems to understand) that the earth receives an abundance of free power each day in terms of sunlight. This is where the peanut gallery chimes in that the sun only shines half the day, and how are we supposed to do anything at night with no power? Oddly these people have never heard of batteries, but they also have never conceived of the fact that the earth is one huge battery. A whole lot of that energy is reflected, but then again, a whole lot is absorbed in the form of heat. Think wind power. Think tidal and wave power. Think geothermal power (well, that one isn’t the sun’s doing, but it’s essentially free energy, nonetheless).

Think solar towers.

Think buoys.

Just don’t think it’s worth waiting any longer to diversify our energy sources.


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