Posted by: dolan | February 7, 2007

Eyejot, Gmaps Pedometer, and Google Docs

Through friends, I’ve learned of a few slick new sites to share with you.

The first is Eyejot, a flex-enabled video email application. It can connect to your webcam directly, so sending video email becomes trivially simple. They still have a little way to go on the UI integration front, but once you have it configured correctly it’s quite fun.

The second is an extremely useful mash-up called Gmaps Pedometer. Renee and I are both runners and cyclists, so having a brain-dead easy way to calculate run distances and calories burned is very welcome. Plus, you can share your routes with others. I’d love to see them integrate this into Google’s account system, where runs could be saved and shared in a more robust way, and I’d like to see a “calories burned” for cycling instead of just for running, but besides those minor quibbles, they’re off to a fantasic start. On the extremely slim chance that the creators read this, great job!

The third is a full fledged Google Labs effort called Google Docs. Finally, a collaborative authoring system. Once people realize the power of having a revision history and collaborative workspace, they may start abandoning Word for something like this. Definitely something the MS folks should think about. The tech is pretty good, though I think this would have been an excellent use of Flex for a more real-time experience (the AJAX update seems to be about once every ten seconds).



  1. Hi!

    Have you tried gabmail? Like eyejot it’s a free video email service that requires no download but gabmail has several exclusive features like threading so that every video in an ongoing convo is accessible with a single click. There’s no registration either so as soon as you hit the site you can begin recording and sending as many videos as you want. Plus you can send videos using any email client or webmail program. Messages can be 2 minutes long but they’re extending that to 5 minutes soon according to the ceo. Plus there’s a way to supercharge messages with something called gabjam which is a collaborative/viral component. gabjam has it’s own site too

    Cheer! Nick

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