Posted by: dolan | February 14, 2007


Last night Renee and I were scanning to see what the TiVo had for us, and we noticed there was a 60 minutes episode about to be deleted that had a segment on Barack Obama. What ultimately becomes of him through the primary process will be interesting to follow and difficult to foretell, but after watching his interview, I sure hope he stays in the race for a while.

He has an uncanny sense of honesty without the perma-sheen that coats John Edwards. His voice is one stop short of James Earl Jones. His self confidence is remarkable and seemingly unshakeable. He had a good, well spoken answer (ah, how I miss that) for every question posed. Right now he’s the man and he knows it. He is one of those people who seems presidential in his very essence.

Provided he doesn’t implode like our local young celebrity, Gavin Newsom, he just might have that outsider chance, much like his main opponent’s husband did all those years ago. We all get to decide his fate, so choose wisely.

P.S. Anyone else think he bears a resemblance to the Mad Magazine guy?

Update (Jan 15): Apparently Barack Obama has a Flickr account.  Wow, he manages to take such good photos of himself – amazing ! 😉



  1. My wife and a bunch of locals and bussed in folks were at his announcement here in Springfield, IL, home of honest Abe. I agree with you about his refreshingly candid and seemingly honest demeanor. I hope he makes it without gathering the tarnish of what fund raising can bring. Hope is what we need more of. Not from AR but perhaps from IL.

  2. Matt, must have been cool (pun intended) to witness his announcement first hand. No matter how you cut it (if he flies high or crashes and burns), it will be a historic moment.

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