Posted by: dolan | February 18, 2007

Five Cents Per Bag

We use way, way too many plastic bags.  All of us, every time we go grocery shopping.  Basically they end up as landfill.  Today I dropped off three bags of bags at the supermarket to recycle, but judging from how many other bags I tend to see (not) filling the receptacles, I’m the odd one out.

I was thinking, what if it was law if you were charged a nominal bag cost, say five cents, for every bag you used (yes, even those ones you put your vegetables in), that was redeemable (like soda cans), at recycling centers.    Where we live you don’t tend to see many aluminum cans lying in the street as they’re a source of income for our rather large indigent population, but you do see tons of plastic bags.  Maybe it’s time we consider treating them the same way.



  1. In Holland you have to pay for your shopping bag in many grocery stores, so you take your old ones in and re-use them, or take a cloth shopping bag. Suggest it to City Council, maybe they’ll see the light. Either that, or have manufacturers produce bio-degradable bags….

  2. We also pay for our bags, albeit indirectly. Our local grocery store (New Seasons Market) credits us $0.10 per bag we bring in and re-use (paper, plastic, cloth or whatever) and our national chain (Safeway) credits us $.03 per bag. In effect, they aren’t charging you extra, they just aren’t giving you the discount. 😉

    Originally when we looked at purchasing some, we decided on these:

    Although these are a bit expensive, they looked like the best cloth bag out there. Our local grocery store however had a sale and supplemented the cost of the ones we ended up purchasing. They work great and stand up by themselves and cost something like $2.50 per bag.

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