Posted by: dolan | February 20, 2007

Who’s Resurrecting the Electric Car?

An interesting if slightly dated article from the L.A. Weekly (which, by the way, has or had an awesome crossword and movie reviews) about people who homebrew their own performance electric cars.  If I had a garage, I could definitely see myself trying to do a conversion on an old 240z, or perhaps I could retrace my old Datsun Roadster.  Something light and fun.  If battery technology keeps advancing in the form of better capacity and ability to hold a charge, lighter weight, and lower cost, the backyard mechanics of the future may be using their volt meters as often as their wrench set (though if they’re converting a British car, chances are they get plently of usage out of their volt meters already 😉 ).



  1. I just read the LA Weekly article — I was certainly inspired by the 5-series Bimmer in the photo… Wired had an article years ago about drag-racing electrics; not sure if it’s overlap, but I thought it was very cool:

    I also am pretty excited about Tesla ( — even if I hate the Prius, I’m still jazzed by electric cars… see, I’m not all bad. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment! I hadn’t seen that article. I started my Wired subscription around 2002, so I missed that one.

    re: Tesla — it rocks, and I’m glad to see someone taking on the automobile establishment. The big excitement will be how they execute on their sedan project (“White Star”).

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