Posted by: dolan | June 17, 2007

Sunset Child Was Most Certainly Bipedal

Proof has been uncovered recently that the mysterious “Sunset Child”, an early relative of ours, definitely walked upright and on two feet. Much in the style of Frankenstein, he also kept his hands out in front of him to aid balance. Here is a rare video of him in action:


  1. Yippee! Let the (much faster and more upright) chasing begin …

  2. Congratulations! Mine just walked out the front door back to his bride of almost one month. It does happen, sooner than I expected. =)

  3. Dear Dolan and Rene, happy birthday to you all with Lucas first birthday we just saw he is a great walker, have a nice party and lots of luck. From tante Mimy i’ve heard you plan to move north to rural area’s i hope you’ll find a nice place and have a more relaxed life. well take care and love from Holland. Kim, Auke and Indra.

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