Posted by: dolan | February 8, 2008

Bakery Trifecta

In the past month or two we’ve been looking for an Arizmendi’s substitute. Nothing is quite the same, but that isn’t to say that there aren’t some very good choices in the area:

  1. Bob’s Red Mill Cafe – In the big red mill in Milwaukie, you might meet Bob (yup, he really exists and he’s happy to tell you all about his mill) Very yummy, hearty breakfasts, but get there early as it’s popular.
  2. Petite Provence – A nice little local patisserie, sufficiently kid-friendy, with the expected baked concoctions, but also with sit-down breakfast and lunch. A few blocks from our new house, so we’ll likely be going there a lot 🙂
  3. Sweetness Bakey and Cafe – Don’t judge a book by its cover. Not a wonderful outside, but quite a wonderful inside. Fantastic service, and even better pastries. I liked their savory pastries even more than their sweet ones, and I liked their sweet ones a LOT.

More to come as we explore PDX. There seem to be no lack of hidden gems up here.


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