Posted by: dolan | April 2, 2008

As If I Needed Another Reason To Think Fixies On The Road Were Stupid…

This morning I saw a guy on an old Raleigh fixed-gear conversion blow through an intersection, and immediately thought WTF!, as did the driver of the car in front of me. I felt like giving this boy wonder a piece of my mind, such as “Ever wonder why so many drivers hate cyclists?”, but I let it be not wanting to cause a stir.

While coming into Ladd’s Addition from Division, the idiot tries to sneak through the turn while a Tri-Met bus is making the same turn, and has to back off lest he gets squashed by the bus. I wait to pull out to pass him, since he’s struggling to get going in some way too high gear, and then he grumbles something to me. I slow down to get the gist of it, and he threatens that “I shouldn’t ride his ass”. At this point I think either A) he doesn’t have much experience on a fixie or B) he’s never ridden in a pack. Luckily he’s at least smart enough to have a front brake on that cut-down excuse for handlebars, but it’s more than canceled out by the fact that the moron is riding with clips and straps.

At this point I lose my calm and give him a piece of my mind about blowing the intersection at Clinton and 26th. He says something like “If he wanted to talk to me he would have asked… etc”, so I leave him for gone and ride on.

Shame that such a pretty bike (Honjos, porteur rack, nice old Brooks) should be ridden by such an idiot. I hope it survives him and his death wish and someone has the sense to add a freewheel and forsake the macho.


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