Posted by: dolan | April 26, 2008

The Move

What can I say? It’s been a week and I’m still exhausted.  We all are.  Admittedly, we didn’t prepare as much as we could have. Or maybe we did.  It’s hard to tell these days.  Either way we’re here.  All of our stuff is here.  None of our stuff (that we wanted) is at the old rental.  Mission accomplished.

The new house was ready in time, but just barely.  We had a tightly coordinated duct cleaning (for any residual toxics in the air vents), and a general house cleaning (for everything else that the contractor didn’t do (which turned out to be quite a lot, at least in the cleaning department).  Despite those things, the new house was hardly Lucas ready and we haven’t had much time since to make it more so.

The move itself was pretty quick.  I took two days off (Thursday and Friday of last week) to help pack, then on Friday afternoon two guys and a truck came.  We feverishly packed up the truck, drove north 2 miles, and then feverishly unpacked.  That part was done in about four hours — the company we hired was quick and did a solid job.  Saturday and Sunday were all about moving whatever was left and cleaning up the rental.  Sunday afternoon I assembled a new sofa, loveseat, and a chair in record time.  Sunday evening we had our friends over and dined on Hoda’s feast (Lebanese), and drank a few beers.  The three toddlers tore around the place, exploring.

This past week has gone fairly well.  Lucas has mostly adjusted to being here.  He derives great joy from running laps around the main level, or riding the same on his four wheeled scooter.  It scoots so much better now on smooth wood floors.

We’re getting used to the creakiness (again) of living in an older place.  And enjoying the newly redone parts, and the parts that have simply been painted over.  And noticing all the things still left to be done.

Our new neighborhood is really really nice.  It reminds me of West Portal, but with house prices that are more  achievable by the common mortal (at least if you’re lucky enough to come into a more economical economy).  People here keep very good care of their houses, say hi on the streets, and drive german vehicles, or at least nice japanese ones.  I can’t say we feel like we really fit in quite yet, but walking around the block is certainly a treat for the senses and for ones sense of calm.  The spanish-immersion elementary is four blocks away (for when Lucas is a bit older), and one of Portland’s best parks is five.  Last night we walked up there and saw trees blooming with pink blossoms and the sun setting over downtown. And a big digger (which was very exciting to the smallest of us).

We probably have two hundred boxes in our garage still.  The front yard is a mess.  The backyard is a mess.  There are things to haul to the dump.  We have almost no curtains.  The kitchen faucet leaks.  There are other things that need dealing with that I just can’t think of now.  That said, we’re finally home.

I would be remiss if I wrote this post without thanking Devin, Ben, Monica, and Carrie for greatly helping us out during this move.  Concrete lions and whiskey barrel planters don’t move themselves.  And Devin’s Toyota van, I thank you too.  You were a lifesaver.


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