Posted by: dolan | May 29, 2008

Appliance Search Over (for now)

After waay too long researching appliances, we finally took advantage of the memorial day 10% off sales to buy a few.  One thing I quickly found out is that I’d much rather deal with Lowe’s than Home Depot.  Unfortunately, due to our decisions, I had to shop at both.

At Lowe’s I got a Bosch Nexxt 500 Plus washer/(gas) dryer.  They seem nice, not too frilly, and well made.  Guess we’ll find out about that last point.  Reviews seem largely positive, and it will be wonderful to finally have a washer and dryer that doesn’t either wake the dead or take forever.  The Lowe’s store was understaffed so I had to wait a while for service, but when I got it it was very very good.

Home Depot was more painful.  First of all, the store is far less organized than Lowe’s, so it’s much more difficult to find anything.  Service, however, was easy, but very very slow and chatty.  Not that I usually mind too much, but I just wanted to get home and get some lunch.  We bought an LG 30″ french door fridge with a bottom freezer.  I’m a bit hesitant on LG as a brand, but they were the only company to make this style fridge in that size (the only size our kitchen could take without a major remodel).  We’ll see how it goes, but i’m looking forward to the fridge as well.

Next up: A new oven, and some cabinet and plumbing work for a built-in dishwasher (yes!).  Also, install our gas cooktop.


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