Posted by: dolan | November 5, 2008

A Bloodbath, In a Good Way

Last night was a blowout.  Maybe not in popular vote (though that was decisive enough), but in the electoral college (which I still despise).  As of right now, 349 – 147.  That kind of sums it up.

The relief people here feel, including myself, is palpable.  Progressives are so used to seeing their hopes dashed at this point, that we might as well be Cubs fans.  Last night we heard fireworks, which people have probably been hoarding since the fourth of July, going off late into the night.  There was joy and laughter in the houses as we took our nighttime walk around the block, coming more often than not from the houses with the prominient Obama/Biden signs out front, which is to say almost all of them.  More than anything, there was relief that this race is over, and that America can start to present a new face to the world, one that half of us — nay, more than half of us — won’t be ashamed to show.

Lucas is too young to appreciate yesterday for any more than a day when his parents are preoccupied but contented, but one day maybe he’ll read this and understand.  I can only be happy in the knowledge that things will hopefully be changing for the better for us as a people, and ultimately, for him and his children.

One final note: Prop 8 passing in California is shameful, but that it won’t last.

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