Posted by: dolan | December 18, 2008

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night

… shall keep us from riding in.

Spent a few minutes equipping my MTB this weekend with an extra rack and deflating the tires to 40 PSI.

My history with this week’s weather:

Monday: More snow than ice, until Ladd’s Addition’s east roundabout.  That place is an ice rink.  Go down twice on the way in at that spot, and once on the way home (in slo-mo no less).  Luckily nothing injured but my ego.  No hat, just the helmet. No booties(!)  Ears and toes thaw around noon.  On the way home a couple in an SUV roll down the window at the intersection of Lincoln and 39th and tell me I’m a hero.  LOL.

Tuesday: A mixture of ice and dryish pavement.  Much faster this time, but much more traffic.  Ladd’s is still very slippery, and I head home later meaning it’s darker.  Stay upright despite a few close calls.  Figured out my thin Ibex hat fits under my helmet and break open a new set of booties (a xmas gift from my dad).  Ears and toes much happier now.  Only my fingertips are slightly cold.

Wednesday: I think I have this thing figured out.  Studded tires arrived yesterday (it was a struggle to get them on), along with a Planet Bike Blaze to go with the Superflash.  Set it on flash this morning, and hit the pavement.  Well, actually, hit the ice.  Deliberately.   I’m hoping it will make the studs last longer.  Very weird feeling riding on ice — you can feel the tire squirming about and the studs catching and keeping you upright.  Came in at about 80% speed, as opposed to Monday which was more like 50%.  Amazingly, the studs work as advertised.  Stayed upright and never felt like I was going to lose it.  Made a funny metallic hum over the metal section of the Hawthorne bridge.  Toasty when I arrive; perhaps a bit too much so.  We’ll see how the ride home goes.

Thursday: Ride home went fine, but damn those studded tires are heavy.  Felt them coming up Lincoln.  The streets were largely clear last night and this morning, so this morning pulled out the touring bike and hung the MTB up on the hook.  Very little ice on the roads and not that much slush made for a quick, painless ride in.  Only point of interest was the heavy snow falling from the sky.  Given that it’s in the mid to upper thirties all day, the ride home should be fine, just wet.


  1. You’re insane to bike to work in this weather, you know. 🙂

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